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  • Pitching and Hitting Development with Measurable  Metrics
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This is a YouTube video of our Co-Owner, Kyle Bogese throwing 97mph with 1.4 Million views…

How did he learn to throw this hard?

What type of training did he do?

Work with us at The Backyard Baseball Lab and you’ll get the same training that he had.

You’ll see exactly what it takes to throw heat!



The BBL Process

Step 1

Evaluation of current mechanics with projections of future mechanical improvements                       

Step 2

Slow motion VIDEO analysis demonstrating the areas in need of improvement                                     

Step 3

Maximized performance with customized programs tailored to each player                 


Step 4

Monthly Testing to demonstrate the individualized program is working             

With access to slow motion video, mechanical analysis, and technology that registers the inflight movement of the baseball, players now have the information needed to make data driven decisions towards maximizing development.

This approach takes the guesswork out of development. Players are finally able to use concrete numbers to determine the best approach to maximizing their performance.

This is the same analysis used by colleges and pro scouts to evaluate players. So if that’s what they are being evaluated on, why train any other way?


You may wonder how this is different from regular lessons?

We use that same slow motion video technology and a machine that measures different aspects of how the ball moves to maximize your performance. Not only will you be able to see your inconsistencies, but we have data to show you as well. It’s one thing to have a coach say, “That looks a lot better” but what does a lot better mean without any data to back it up? Without the you seeing the difference, how are you going to make the best adjustment of their mechanics? With our help, we can gather the data and breakdown the slow motion video to not only get the best out of you, but also show consistent improvement through the increasing numbers in the data which will back up our work. This way you know exactly what you’re getting when you train with us.

The video below highlights a three month program of study by Kyle Bogese and Ben Brewster of Tread Athletics. A few follow-up results after completion of the 3 months of training:

Joe P. (Athlete 15) went from JV topping at 72.7 mph to varsity, ultimately touching 84 mph during the season as a high school sophomore.

Jack A. (Athlete 7) went 5-2 as a high school junior on his varsity team, posting a 1.66 ERA with 4 complete game shutouts.

Kevin W. (Athlete 3) went from 78.2 mph to 86.9 mph as a high school junior and posted a 0.97 ERA on varsity.

“Anyone looking for baseball lessons?? If so, contact Kyle Bogese!He gives private lessons and is awesome! From personal experience: Hunter has worked with probably 5+ other coaches. Don’t get me wrong, they were all fine and did get a great job, but Hunter just clicked with Kyle. Kyle has a way of quickly figuring out how to get to your kid and what works for them. I can’t even put into words how much he has improved Hunter’s pitching and confidence. He truly just cares and is passionate and it shows! Hell, he even came all the way out to KWLL just to watch Hunter pitch during a little league game. It meant so much to us!

Look, hands down, talk to Kyle for lessons! Don’t waste your time or money anywhere else!”

Brandi Thorpe

“I worked with Kyle for most of my high school baseball offseasons and even a bit in season. He helped with my mechanics and velocity. I was sitting high 60s to low 70s as a freshman in high school and was sitting mid 80s my junior year. His program and guidance allowed me to gain this velocity through proper warm up and recovery techniques and drills. I highly recommend this program and facility as it helped and transformed my high school baseball career tremendously.” 

RJ Radil

After completing just eight weeks of Kyle’s pitching/arm care program, my son increased velocity by 4 mph. Kyle’s program emphasizes arm care, as well, which is important.  He will evaluate your son and create an individual program with specific drills to improve his skill set.  Kyle has a keen eye for needed improvements, and his passion for baseball shows in his energy and enthusiasm with his students.  He knows the game inside out and shares that knowledge with athletes and parents. As a parent, I appreciate the follow-up after each session.  It’s not unusual for him to check in during the week for updates or to send helpful information.  He shows the athlete and parent that he truly cares. 

R. Ryan

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