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Pitching and Hitting Performance Organization that creates personalized throwing, hitting and strength training programs to help pitchers and hitters improve their skills and maximize overall player development.

Kyle Bogese, CSCS

Co-Owner and President

My name is Kyle Bogese, founder of The Backyard Baseball Lab.

In high school, I attended Blessed Sacrament Huguenot and started on Varsity in 9th grade. Eventually I transferred to Thomas Dale High School for a more competitive environment, throwing 88mph in my junior year. Unfortunately, I broke my leg in my junior season and had mono my senior year… I almost let baseball go… until a college in Texas called me.

I ended up playing college baseball at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX.  After a hard road of plyoball work, mechanical breakdown and analysis, and strength training, I was able to reach 97mph.

After my collegiate career, I was signed by the Philadelphia Phillies. After the Phillies, I pitched with multiple other teams until an unexpected injury due to a car accident ended my career in 2017.

My goal is to use the skills and knowledge I have built along the way to stay in the game.

I’ve worked with Ben Brewster, owner of Tread Athletics, trained with Driveline, trained with The Texas Baseball Ranch and many more well known coaching and strength training programs. Baseball is what I know and what I love.

I can show you a new way to get where you want to go in your baseball career.  We have all the tools and equipment such as a Rapsodo that measures everything from velocity, spin rate, spin axis, spin direction, movement left to right and up to down, spin efficiency, and much more.

We also utilize cameras that shoot at 1,000 frames per second to give you
consistent data and show you visual feedback of your progress. You’ll be able to the slow motion video from multiple angles during the mechanical breakdown and analysis. Nothing will be missed and everything will be gained! Let’s take your goal and make it a reality.


  • Thomas Dale High School 2009
  • Trinity University 2009-2014
  • Pitched 3x in the College World Series Regionals
  • Signed by the Phillies in 2014
  • Signed by the Frontier Greys in 2015
  • Signed by the Diamondbacks in 2016
  • Signed by the Rockwood Boulders in 2016
  • Signed by the River City Rascals in 2016
  • Signed by the Alpine Cowboys in 2016
  • Trained at the Texas Baseball Ranch in 2009
  • Trained with Eric Cressey in 2015
  • Trained at Driveline in 2016
  • Trained/Worked with Ben Brewster, owner of Tread Athletics from 2016-2017
  • Rapsodo Certified

RC Orlan

Co-Owner and CEO

In 2009 I was a rising Senior in high school looking to play D1 Baseball at a top university. The only problem was, throwing 86 mph was not what recruiting coordinators were looking for. During the summer, I went through an intense lifting, arm care, and throwing program with one goal in mind. HOW DO I THROW 90 MPH? In the first fall tournament, I hit 90 MPH and committed to UNC Chapel Hill.

Looking back over that journey, I had no idea what clicked to see the spike in velocity. I was lucky enough to hit my goal but I couldn’t pinpoint what changed or how. Through advances in technology we are able to to take the luck out of development.

I look forward to demonstrating to pitchers how they can obtain their goals and dreams on the mound now that we have access to new technology and a better understanding of how to create velocity.

  • Deep Run High School 2009 First Team All State Utility
  • Drafted by the Dodgers in 2009
  • UNC Fall of 2009-2012. Pitched 2x in the 2011 CWS against Vanderbilt.
  • Junior Year led the team in wins with 8.
  • Drafted by the Nationals in 2012
  • Pitched in the World Baseball Classic in 2016
  • Traded to the Cleveland Indians in 2017 via Rule 5 Draft
  • 2018, 0.65 era over 35 innings
  • 2019 Cleveland Indians Big League Camp Invitation


Joe Hastings

Player Development Coordinator 

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